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Hire an Aston Martin DB7 in Kent

Who likes driving like a boss?

There is driving. And there is driving like a boss. What’s the difference? Style, knowledge, taste, and a great choice of car. Truth is that few people actually know about cars, brands, and models. However, when they see a true sports car or luxury car down the lane, they hold their breath and stop for a second to behold that incredible machine. The best designers of the world, who work for top brands, know exactly how to produce that effect on people. How to make them pause whatever they were doing and call their attention when they’re distracted. That is how you tell apart a great car from just a car.

And who doesn’t like to drive a great car? Not only do you get to be the center of attention, and your sex appeal increases dramatically. The mere feel of a great engine beneath you is difficult to describe. If you have already been there, driving a good car with a sweet engine, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t been there yet, we’re sorry, we’re afraid we won’t be able to convey exactly what it feels. It’s something that can’t be described. It’s something you must experience. Read More...

Trying the Aston Martin DB7

What makes a great car

Very few countries around the world have seized primacy on the car market. European countries like Germany, Italy and France, and the eastern land of Japan, are among the most popular car manufacturers in the planet. Their models range from familiar, very accessible vehicles to top notch sportscars and luxury cars. Brands like Volkswagen, Peugeot, Toyota and Renault fill the streets with their logos. All of these companies have been around in the market for years, and will definitely be here for a long time. 

However, there is more than one way of being a top car brand. Diffusion is one of them: making and selling thousands of vehicles, selling them around the world, releasing model after model that everyone can drive. And then, there is the other way: keeping the market small and exclusive, and focusing on style and quality.  Read More...

Drive an Aston Martin DB7 for the day

Choosing a car

There are two main types of drivers in this world. The first type is where most people fit: those who sit behind the wheel and drive a car just for its utility. Le’ts face it, without cars, our life would be much harder. We drive every day to go to work, to shop for groceries, to go on trips or vacations, to meet our obligations, to say hi to our friends. We take them for granted; thousands of them come and go to cities and towns, and highways see one car after the other, all the time, every day.

For those who ride cars this way, the most important features of a vehicle are, mainly, usefulness and price. They choose and keep cars according to their capacity to purchase and maintain it, and also the capacity of the car to simply take them wherever they need to go and carry what they need to transport, and that is it. It’s perfectly reasonable and understandable. It’s just the way most people look at cars: as a machine, they can use for a purpose. Read More...

Hire Aston Martin DB7 in London

Classic cars are expensive, that is no secret. But the Aston Martin DB7 is one of a kind. This site, will tell you exactly why. Not everyone gets the chance to own a classic car such as the Aston Martin or any of the vehicles in that league during their lifetime. The Aston Martin, in particular, is a beautiful classic car that was created for a chosen few with the kind of resource required to own it. This is why the hire services for the Aston Martin DB7 make a lot of sense for those who would love to ‘experience’ the car but cannot afford to purchase one.

Membership Only Clubs

For those who want the Aston Martin DB7 experience, the numerous membership clubs in London can afford you just the opportunity you need. You can become a member of one of the prestigious clubs at a specified fee and get access to amazing cars for every special occasion you attend. Membership is renewed yearly and you get to earn points which you can also use to hire out other cars available at the club. You can for more on clubs. Read More...

The Aston Martin DB7 Driving Experience

Imagine what it would be like to finally sit at the wheel of an Aston Martin DB7 cruising down the beautiful roads of Kent. No doubt you think this a dream beyond reach for you and many other people. Well, you can live this dream with the driving experience you can get from classic car hire services in the Kent area.

The Aston Martin DB7 is a sleek, beautiful and powerful car. It has that long, curvy look that engineers used to love in classic cars in days gone by. Through the driving experience service, you can pay a meagre £250 to take the Aston Martin DB7 out for a few laps on roads specified by the hiring company and under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. You can check out more about the Aston Martin on Read More...

Driving Experience Days

The Pleasure of Sitting in Your Dream Car

Cars are wonderful creations that serve a lot more purpose than just helping us travel from one place to another. The feeling that you can go anywhere you want whenever you want when you own a car is a great one in itself. Moreover, the pleasure of sitting in your dream car with a great interior is an awesome feeling too. The feeling only gets amplified when you have your loved ones sitting inside the car with you. While the feeling of owning a car and sitting in it with your loved ones is great, it’s obvious that not all of us can afford our dream cars. Cars are damn expensive anyways and special cars with special interiors, special engine, and a special body obviously cost a lot more. However, there is nothing to despair about. There are ways in which you can enjoy all the good things about driving a vintage car and have great people around you. 

How to Drive Your Dream Car Even When You Can’t Own One?

Most people believe that there only chance to drive a great car is to take it for a test drive. People even think about becoming full-time drivers or valets in order to get their chance at driving a vintage car. However, there is a way through which you won’t have to change your profession and would still get a chance to drive your dream car with people who you love in the car with you. No, you won’t just get the chance to drive one car through this way; you can get the chance to drive as many as five of your dream cars in one day on some splendid roads where there is no traffic. It’s totally true, this is possible. So, who makes it possible?

Drive Experience Days


Hire An Aston Martin

If you are an Aston Martin owner or have had the chance to drive one, you know exactly why this vehicle is called a luxury car. Nothing beats the feeling of cruising down a beautiful scenic countryside road in a sleek, luxury car. But that experience can be greatly marred by a poorly maintained vehicle, regardless of how luxurious it is. As a company, we pride ourselves in being able to provide you with quality that ensures you keep enjoying the the Aston Martin experienceyears after first buying your car. With unrivalled service for your car and top of the range routine maintenance, you can trust us to keep your car not just visually appealing but also functionally at its best. Read More...

Lamborghini Hire in London

Ride the beast

Who doesn’t dig a Lamborghini? 

Seriously. Who doesn’t? Have you seen that monster? Have you felt it? Have you heard it roar while it rushes by your side at high speed, almost turning into a savage blur of colour? That’s Lamborghini. The power, the trademark, the almost sexy appeal. Whoever rides a Lamborghini feels like on top of the world. 


Hire a modern day classic - Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley

Hire a classic Bentley (and for good reason)

Car models come and go. Film sets evolve with fashion and design trends, technological development, and many other factors. Every year, dozens of models are presented into the market all over the world, from all ends of the spectrum. Family cars, utility vehicles, smart cars, luxury cars... They all have their shot, and most of them dissappear after a few years, replaced by better and more modern models. Many will only survive in the memory of car lovers, and the garage of a couple nostalgics who will gladly keel a piece of their history with them. The rest, dust in the wind.

This is good because it keeps the scene fresh and space open for new creations, but some vehicles that owned the road in their day eventually fall into oblivion, preventing drivers from future generations from enjoying their own particualr charm, which led them to be classics to begin with. Every generation of cars has one or two models that just keep the attention of people because of their unique style or performance. They break the mold and stay in the memory of people long after others presented the same year, because they have something special. It could be a technological breakthrough, a genious marketing campaign or simply a design jackpot, with all elements coming perfectly together and creating pure and undeniable beauty nobody can explain. Read More...

Lamborghini Hire

The price of fun

Oh, yeah. Lamborghinis. You have seen them. At least in pictures, or in a TV spot. If you have been lucky enough, you have seen it in person, driving by or just parked there, lookin' good and all. Have you ever felt jealous of a supercar rider? Have you ever wondered how it feels like to drive one of those? Have you ever wished you were behind the wheel, being the center of attention and admiration of others? Of course you have.

Lamborghinis are sky high expensive and have a risk of fire, of course, as any good commodity is, and very few people can actually buy one. They are reserved for the richest and craziest. However, this doesn't mean you will never sit inside one of them and drive them around. Because if you can't afford to own one, you can always rent one. Read More...

London Super Car Hire

Hiring a Super Car in London

Whether you are a local or a tourist in the bustling city of London, getting around should be as comfortable and convenient as you want. As such, a good number of car hire firms have sprung up over time to offer you the best in travel comfort.


Super Car Hiring Company

Getting Around the City of London Should be Cozy and Convenient!

if you are trying to Export Super Cars from UK to Anywhere bustling with life and activity, our company can help and is a great place to start whether you’re a local or otherwise. With its many attractions as well as just the simple fact of its sheer size, getting around should be as cozy as one would like.

In this regard, a number of car hiring firms have now been established to cater for this particular need of getting around the ever busy streets of London. Since their development, they have become a very positive part of the city life helping not only generate revenue for the locality but also afford comfort to those who need and seek it. Aside from the customary simple hiring a car, some firms have come to provide customized services such as catering to parties, entourages, weddings and the likes all in the name of satisfying as many consumer needs as possible. 

The process of hiring a vehicle is pretty straight forward. You go the firm, check out their catalogue, pick a car, sign relevant documents and off you go. The process has come to be modernized or simplified rather in the form of availing online booking services for the process. Read More...


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