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Trying the Aston Martin DB7

What makes a great car

Very few countries around the world have seized primacy on the car market. European countries like Germany, Italy and France, and the eastern land of Japan, are among the most popular car manufacturers in the planet. Their models range from familiar, very accessible vehicles to top notch sportscars and luxury cars. Brands like Volkswagen, Peugeot, Toyota and Renault fill the streets with their logos. All of these companies have been around in the market for years, and will definitely be here for a long time. 

However, there is more than one way of being a top car brand. Diffusion is one of them: making and selling thousands of vehicles, selling them around the world, releasing model after model that everyone can drive. And then, there is the other way: keeping the market small and exclusive, and focusing on style and quality. 

Some automobile brands have chosen this way. They work hard to design and produce top machines with the best engineery and appearance, a combination that only true car lovers can appreciate. Their vehicles are usually driven by very special people, who gather in clubs and forums to admire and experience the most wanted models.

The British champion

If there is one British car brand that has chosen the way of reduced market and high quality, it is the renown Aston Martin. For more than a hundred years, this company has been designing and producing unmatchable vehicles with a great signature of style and performance. However, times haven’t always been easy for Aston Martin, and this company has faced good times and bad times. And they kept on, come rain, come shine. Their presence in the market is a true sign of how hard work, flexibility and intelligence in staying true to your own vision can help you get through the storm and rise at the end of the crisis.

Aston Martin isn’t just a promotional slogan about endurance and triumph; it’s a living example of those, and every single car they have produced is part of a long history of fights and dreams come true. Whenever you’re riding one of them, you are in contact with all that heritage, that started more than a hundred years ago and keeps writing itself today.

A symbol of survival and excellence

We like to say that the particular car model that represents the triumph of Aston Martin is their most famous vehicle, created in the 1990’s and still the top seller of the company. It is the DB7, which still remain the crowning achievement of the company. This model is the most requested Aston Martin, and there is good reason for that.

If you’re not familiar with the DB7, you should. We’ve gathered a few links of interest for you to get to know this infamous vehicle. Here’s a quick link to the db7 history from a webpage that specializes in Aston Martin, so there’s good information here. When you’ve done with the review, maybe you’ll want to learn more about this car; in that case, we suggest that you get the Aston-Martin-DB7-Complete-Story, a physical book with lots of information on the DB7, written by people who really knows about this car. An extensive and exhaustive history and review of this model as well as lots of nice and informative images. If you want to take a look at this highly wanted vehicle, click here for pictures of the DB7.

So, what is it about this particular model that attracts the attention - and the desire - of so many car collectors and lovers? The case of the DB7 is extremely special because the car itself isn’t the best machine. Some reviewers say that there are space issues inside the cabin and the engine, even if it runs some nice power, is no match to many other models from different brands. So what’s the big deal with the DB7?

This model is considered the pinnacle of Aston Martin in terms of design. Its appeal knows no match and gives it a lot of popularity. Every car lover would love to ride a DB7 at least once in their lifetime. This vehicle is a true head turner, and will impress whoever sees you driving it.

The DB7 is a really expensive car, as all good ones are. However, for as little as £200, you can rent this £94,000 car and drive it for a whole day. Car lovers report the experience of being behind the wheel of a DB7 as unforgettable, and we believe that you should try it at least once before you die.


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