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Oh, yeah. Lamborghinis. You have seen them. At least in pictures, or in a TV spot. If you have been lucky enough, you have seen it in person, driving by or just parked there, lookin' good and all. Have you ever felt jealous of a supercar rider? Have you ever wondered how it feels like to drive one of those? Have you ever wished you were behind the wheel, being the center of attention and admiration of others? Of course you have.

Lamborghinis are sky high expensive and have a risk of fire, of course, as any good commodity is, and very few people can actually buy one. They are reserved for the richest and craziest. However, this doesn't mean you will never sit inside one of them and drive them around. Because if you can't afford to own one, you can always rent one.

Supercar and luxury car rental companies are popping up here and there, as more and more people realize that if they save a bit they can indulge themselves with a day, weekend or even whole week with a Lamborghini or other supercar. Business trips, impressing someone improtant for you or crazy stag dos on the road are some of the British people's favourite reasons to rent a Lamborghini. 'Cause it's all about the looks.

So you can afford a driving experience on one of Italy's most famous wheeled beasts, would you do that? And if you say yes, are you aware of how much it costs?

Expensive toys

Lamborghinis are expensive for a good reason, so the longer you want to rent them, the more it's going to cost. That's basic, and you are definitively aware of it. Now, are you sure you are aware of all costs involved in renting a supercar? Let's check on that for a bit, because it's better to be safe than sorrry. The idea behind renting a Lamborghini is to have fun or perhaps get some benefit like impressing someone or making your business or company look good in some key scenarios. You are supposed to spoil yourself with the car, not let the car spoil your personal finances or your insurance policy. So let's take a look at this subject.

Insurance policy are the key words here. Owning a super fast car that looks super cool and all might make you feel like you are on top of the world, so you might become careless when you drive, like feeling that others have to move away because here you come. Lamborghinis can go super fast, so why not try that out, you might think. And underestimate how dangerous it can be to go over 200 kmph even in a highway or empty road. Not only can you kill yourself or others, but also tear apart your insurance premiums.

Famous supercar rental services like seen in the national archives are likely to offer some sort of insurance coverage over your rental car, but that's usually a side fee that you have to pay apart from the rental fee. You should check that out before you close a deal, and make sure you are aware of what is the real reach of your coverage.

Wild cars insured

If you have a driver's insurance on your own make sure its legal, there will be costs and situations that will be covered by it. Make sure you are aware of the actual coverage you have before hiring an ad hoc insurance from your car rental service. Some of the insurance provided as an extra by them might be already covered by your own insurance, so you would be paying twice. 

There is always the risk that you become involved in an accident that is not your fault, but if the responsible part is uninsured your premium might be affected. If the accident or damage has been your fault, you can be sure it will count for your next policy period. If you are uninsured, you will be liable for all damages caused by your fault, including total loss of the vehicle. And believe us, you don't want to be charged with the price of repairing or replacing a Lamborghini. Just saying.

The point here is that you shouldn't let the fact that you're driving a Lamborghini overwhelm you and make you forget about important it is to take due precautions not only when driving but also when making sure you are properly covered. Accidents with an expensive car will affect very severely your premium, and might even not be fully covered by your policy. 


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