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Who likes driving like a boss?

There is driving. And there is driving like a boss. What’s the difference? Style, knowledge, taste, and a great choice of car. Truth is that few people actually know about cars, brands, and models. However, when they see a true sports car or luxury car down the lane, they hold their breath and stop for a second to behold that incredible machine. The best designers of the world, who work for top brands, know exactly how to produce that effect on people. How to make them pause whatever they were doing and call their attention when they’re distracted. That is how you tell apart a great car from just a car.

And who doesn’t like to drive a great car? Not only do you get to be the center of attention, and your sex appeal increases dramatically. The mere feel of a great engine beneath you is difficult to describe. If you have already been there, driving a good car with a sweet engine, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t been there yet, we’re sorry, we’re afraid we won’t be able to convey exactly what it feels. It’s something that can’t be described. It’s something you must¬†experience.

Truth is, once you’ve driven a top class car, regular vehicles are never the same. It’s a new level of enlightenment. The power, the smoothness, the feel, the speed, the comfort, the class. We could turn this whole article into a mere list of qualities and still we wouldn’t be able to explain the experience. It’s as simple as this: you must try it at least once in life. At least once. Then, you can decide if it’s worth trying again or if you’ll just pass. But let us make a wild guess and say, you will want a second go.

Riding the car of Bond, James Bond

A true Londoner looking for a top brand, the top class car will be interested in two factors: they will want it to be classy, just as only a British man can be, and they will also want it to be what our fellow Americans like to call "badass". The true demonstration of power, style, and confidence, all summed up in one vehicle that you can ride. Whether you choose to take a tour in front of everyone you know, or even a few strangers and get their admiration and jealousy, or you’re more like having a time on your own or with your closest ones, just enjoying the ride, you will definitely want to drive a car that gathers all those qualities.

Is there an infamous British figure that has it all on him? The classy style of the British gentleman and the badass demonstration of power and skill every woman loves? We can definitely say that his name is Bond, James Bond.

Created by Ian Fleming in the early XX century, our beloved British spy has conquered many victories and many women in his long career at the service of Her Majesty. In order to give this unmatchable man the true signature of a classy badass, the author himself decided to put him behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, one of the most renown luxury and sportscar British brand. James Bond would never drive an imported car!

Ian Fleming was a personal affectionate to the Aston Martin cars (which you can check at their webpage,, and see why). If you want to skip the corporate talk and go straight to the fact, a quick jump to Wikipedia will suffice: Also, there’s a great summary on the company’s history made on the occasion of its 100th anniversary right here: 100-years-of-Aston-Martin.

The DB7

Hell yes. This bad boy was created in the 1990s by Aston Martin based in a Jaguar chassis and engine. It still remains unique in the long line of Aston Martin models due to its characteristic steel chassis. Nostalgic car lovers - and not so nostalgic as well - love this vehicle for its power, its design and its classy important.

Even if Aston Martin is no longer producing this model, some luxury car clubs offer to lend you one by just £200 a day. Most of these clubs require a membership, but the good news is that they usually offer open days when anyone can stop by, see all nostalgic cars they have there, pick the one they like the most, and give it a try. We suggest that you give this unique car an opportunity; you will definitely not regret.


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