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If you are an Aston Martin owner or have had the chance to drive one, you know exactly why this vehicle is called a luxury car. Nothing beats the feeling of cruising down a beautiful scenic countryside road in a sleek, luxury car. But that experience can be greatly marred by a poorly maintained vehicle, regardless of how luxurious it is. As a company, we pride ourselves in being able to provide you with quality that ensures you keep enjoying the the Aston Martin experienceyears after first buying your car. With unrivalled service for your car and top of the range routine maintenance, you can trust us to keep your car not just visually appealing but also functionally at its best.

Aston Martins have been our business for several years now and we know just what your car needs in terms of maintenance, repair, and service. We, therefore, guarantee you nothing but the best; there are no two ways about it. Here are some services you can expect from us as we strive to keep your Aston Martin in top shape.

Hiring an Aston Martin 

 We value quality and efficiency. This is why our go-to professionals are the most skilled automatic gearbox service providers you will ever come across. With great training and tons of experience under their belt, the employees at Automatic Man certainly know their way around any and every automatic gearbox that has been used in an Aston Martin.

As part of the automatic gearbox package, you can expect reconditioning, repairs, part replacements using only genuine spares, transmission checking and so much more. In our efforts to keep our cars ready for the road we depend only on very trusted partners. and has been for the past several years.


As the owner of an Aston Martin, you must have an innate predisposition to embrace technology. Diagnostics for your car must be done using nothing but the best scan tools and we invest generously in this regard. From the very early forms of diagnostic computers to the latest and most complex systems, we make sure that your car is always functioning at its best in order to provide you with the kind of quality that an Aston Martin is best known for.

Be careful when hiring as repairs for scratches and damaged paintwork

Ever imagined even the slightest scratch on the body of your Aston Martin? Probably not but these tend to occur inevitably over time. Do not worry because we have got you covered. With our scratch repair kit, you will never know where the scratch was in the first place when you pick your vehicle up. Your car will be fully restored with our new-age paintwork techniques that give the entire car a new and sleek feel.

Tyre Replacement after hiring a super car

Have you tried scouting around for Aston Martin tyres? Well, it is not the easiest task in the world. Finding tyres for the aston martin is very difficult, especially if you do not know where to begin your search. With Automatic Man as our partner in all matters tyres, we ensure that your Aston Martin is at peak performance always. We will find you tyres that scream out style without compromising on the quality or durability you expect from a luxury car such as yours. We know what your car can do when it has the right tyres and we help you achieve this effortlessly.

Maintaining a high profile car such as an Aston Martin requires not just financial resource but also very skilled workmanship. This is why we have made it our business to develop a strong business relationship with credible companies such as Automatic Man. As a repair and service company that has been in existence for over two decades, they have proven that their top of the range services are just what our Aston Martins need to keep performing.

Affordability is at the very core of great service delivery and you can be sure that our costs for the above services are fair and very competitive. Diagnostic services at Automatic Man, for example, are absolutely free! You do not have to pay anything for this hard to come by service when you take your Aston Martin to Automatic Man.

The Aston Martin is a luxury car and we endeavour to keep it that way. They are treated with care and expertise at Automatic Man and by the time you pick your car up you immediately notice that a new lease of life has been injected into it. Do not ruin your Aston Martin by going to inexperienced car repair shops that will destroy more than they can repair. Classic cars are worth the time, effort and specialized care that you put into them.



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