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Choosing a car

There are two main types of drivers in this world. The first type is where most people fit: those who sit behind the wheel and drive a car just for its utility. Le’ts face it, without cars, our life would be much harder. We drive every day to go to work, to shop for groceries, to go on trips or vacations, to meet our obligations, to say hi to our friends. We take them for granted; thousands of them come and go to cities and towns, and highways see one car after the other, all the time, every day.

For those who ride cars this way, the most important features of a vehicle are, mainly, usefulness and price. They choose and keep cars according to their capacity to purchase and maintain it, and also the capacity of the car to simply take them wherever they need to go and carry what they need to transport, and that is it. It’s perfectly reasonable and understandable. It’s just the way most people look at cars: as a machine, they can use for a purpose.

Then, there is the second type of drivers. Those who won’t mind the price of a vehicle as long as they can afford it. Those who won’t care about the car’s usefulness to carry their groceries. Those who choose their cars for different reasons. It’s not what they can do with them, it’s how they feel.

A riding experience

Luxury cars, collection cars, sports cars, classic cars, all of them have something in common: they are what they are because they feel special. Maybe it’s the incredible power of their engines; maybe it’s the way they look and make heads turn wherever they go; maybe it’s their history. Whatever it is, they are unique, and therefore many people admire them and dream about having one of them for themselves. 

Not all brands have managed to produce models that can be considered desirable pieces. Just a few of them have nailed the complex mixture of performance and style that makes a model classic. There is a British company that has managed to create and produce a widely wanted vehicle, chosen by no other than James Bond himself, as well as many collectors who dream about having one of them in their garages. This company is Aston Martin, and here we would like to talk a little bit about its most famous model, the DB7.

Aston Martin’s greatest hit

Created by Aston Martin in 1994, the DB7 remains the most famous of all models this company has created in its over a hundred years of history. The company itself is very remarkable as a true survivor of times, having faced the edge of bankruptcy more than once in its long history. Several owners have been chairmen of Aston Martin, all of them giving their unique point of view and design strategy to the brand, while still maintaining Aston Martin’s true identity. The creation of the DB7 was a lifesaver that injected new life to the company and catapulted it to the hall of fame of Britain. 

If you would like to learn more about the ups and downs of Aston Martin, and how they managed to survive to this day while still keeping their fresh inventive and unique sense of style, visit For a quick overview of all Aston Martin models, including those that are now discontinued, check

The DB7 remains the prima donna of the company. In second-hand dealerships, its price can get close to the six figures, and people still buy it. There is DB7 Service approved by Aston Martin to provide repairs and spare parts for this model.

It simply looks classy as hell. Its dynamic, perfect lines keep attracting the eyes of people wherever it goes. It’s the perfect sort of car to feel like a champion, and impress everyone around you. The great feel it conveys pulls many people towards getting a DB7 for themselves. Those who are not lucky enough to buy one can still rent it for prices as low as £200, which for a classic luxury car isn’t bad at all. You can have the experience of being behind its wheel and see the reaction of people.

This car is usually available for rent in car clubs and it requires a membership. However, these clubs sometimes open their doors to the community and let everyone test drive their most wanted models. So if you are lucky and find a club who is hosting some of these events, don’t hesitate and give it a try!



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