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One thing about sports car rentals is that it has to be done right at all times; it could be the difference between a win and a loss (and a couple of thousands may go to the competitor’s hands). If you are an avid sports person, you know exactly what it means to get your car the pampering it deserves, whether prior or after a race or event. Make sure you have the perfect and your car is functional. If you are just starting and are not really sure about what to expect, here’s something for you.

You will find numerous auto shops that give partial or full service to any Sports car, in addition to other services we provide painting work. Most of these auto works shops offer services that maintain or upgrade automobiles to get them to reach their maximum legal speed. Our staff also tunes the vehicle and prepares the owners for any amateur, semi-pro and pro track racing events.

Preparing our Super Sports Cars for renting

There are 3 main categories of service done on every sports car before it is rented, and pretty much any other vehicle. These are:


Oil change

Interim service

Full car service

Oil Change Services

This is the most common and regularly rented sports cars site. We carry out servicing in between regular rentals. It is compulsory to carry out oil change services prior to a long journey or race. This is because it is important to make sure that the engine will be running smoothly as it will be well lubricated. Remember to use the correct [3]. Regular oil change services include:


Oil and filter change

Checking the tyres, battery, lights and wipers

Check and top up essential fluids; power steering, windscreen washer and brake fluid

Remember that oil change services are not regarded as vehicle servicing so your car [papers will not be stamped. The vehicle is regarded as serviced when it undergoes interim or full service.

Sports Car Renting 

This is servicing done every 6 months (or 6,000 miles whichever comes first). This service keeps the vehicle functional, roadworthy and safe awaiting full service. The 6 months maintenance servicing should include the following:


Replacing wiper inserts

Cleaning battery terminals

Checking the radiator, spark plugs and heater hoses

Replacing drive or fan belts

[1] and manual)

Changing engine oil and the air cleaner elements

Sports Car Servicing

This service should be carried out every 12 months (or 12,000 miles). This is done by a qualified professional who can spot any damage, restore the car and advice on how to take care of the vehicle for better functionality. The following is a checklist of everything that should be done during a full car service.

The Engine


Drain and refill engine oil

Check for oil leaks and replace filters

Check (and replace if required) timing/cambelt

Check the radiator

Check the coolant cap seals and hoses for leaks and security

Check the electric cooling alternator belt/fan and adjust accordingly

Replace the air filters

Check the spark plugs and fitment (and replace if necessary)

Check and top up coolant and anti-freeze as necessary

Check the security and condition of the underlay

Check the fuel cap seals and lines

The Drive System

          Check the operation of the gearbox, clutch system, clutch fluid (and top up)

Check for leaks and security the shaft gaiters

Check the transaxle and axle fluid (and top up if necessary

Check (and top up if necessary) the gearbox fluid

The Electrical Systems


Check the operation of the horn, exterior lights, dashboard lights, diesel heater plug indicator

Check the battery condition, security, terminal lubrication, and units

Visually inspect high tension leads

Check the effectiveness of starter motor

Check security and rate or alternator charging

The Suspension and Steering System

Check for corrosion and wear on the suspension and steering components

Check the power steering fluid (and top up if required)

Check the condition of the steering rack gaiters

Check for excessive roughness on the wheel bearing

Check the condition of the shock absorbers

Check the exhaust system for noise, leaks, security, and catalyst

The Braking System


Check the brake pads, discs, drums for wear, calipers for security and leaks

Inspect wheel cylinder for leaks

Check the hydraulic system, hoses, and pipes

Check the hand brake linkages (and lubricate if necessary)

Check the brake fluid (and top up is required)

Check the operation of brake servo and fluid boil tests

The Tires and Wheels


Check tyre size and proper fitting, condition, tread and balance

Check tyre pressure (including the spare) and adjust accordingly

Restore the wheel nut torque to manufacturer’s setting

Visual Aspects


Check operation of windscreen wiper (front and rear)

Check the operation of windscreen washer (top up if necessary)

Check the mirrors and windscreen for cracks, chips 

Check the condition of the number plate

General Services


Check the seatbelts, cabin filters

Check the operation of door hinges, locks

Lubricate bonnet, reset service lights, and go for a test drive

Stamp the car service book


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